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Prior to working out at VIP Transformation Systems, I had only been worried about cardio and getting my heart rate up on the treadmill. Then, Be Fit Bootcamps introduced me to a whole new type of workout that I fell in love with. Each morning I looked forward to getting up at the crack of dawn to sweat. Every workout was something new and exciting, especially the circuit workouts. The workouts left me exhausted, but somehow energized for the day. The programs continued to motivate me to set personal records, breaking them at every session.


The trainers at VIP are awesome. Tony, Natalie, and Joe D. are always willing to help you, answer questions, and demonstrate what you should be doing. They always push you and know your limits. Once they know you are ready to move to a higher weight or to a different level workout they will encourage you to do so.


Another great thing about VIP is the community feeling. No matter what time session you go to, you can count on seeing the same smiling faces. Everyone is so motivating and encourages one another to succeed.

I completed the eight week transformation challenge and could not praise Tony and the staff more. After listening to all of his advice and steps to follow I completely changed my eating habits. Before this challenge I had been simply trying to count calories. This program really taught me how to portion and eat correctly.


When I first attended VIP I was 230lbs. From November to February I had lost 24lbs. Then, during the challenge I lost an additional 20lbs. As of June 2015 I am currently 180lbs, losing a total of 50lbs. I am so happy with the results I have experienced from these bootcamp classes and from the staffs nutrition advice. Not only have I lost fat, but I have gained muscle as well. I can certainly see definition all over my body. Most importantly, my confidence is through the roof. I have always been a shy and timid person who would cowardly walk hunched through a room, but this has given me the confidence to walk through a door into a room full of strangers with my head held high.

Lost over 10 pounds in her first 30 Days and and over 18 more pounds in the last six weeks for a total of 30 lbs!

Stephanie says, “I owe a tremendous thanks to Be Fit Bootcamps and in particular to Tony Gomez who gave me that push to try it out. I never would have thought my body could do the amazing things I have been accomplishing. At first, I joined just to lose baby weight but it has done so much more than that”.


BeFit Bootcamps helped me get in better physical shape and gain confidence in my everyday life. More importantly, it has helped me with my overall fitness such as: flexibility, strength, endurance, posture, body awareness and having an overall positive outlook.


I started this journey in November of 2014 with the Bootcamp Fundamentals class 2 times a week and then continued into the regular sessions 3 times a week for the last six weeks.


During this time, I have already lost a total of 11 pounds and 2 inches on my waist while also gaining muscle.”

Carmen Says “Boot camp has changed my life. I made a new years resolution to get in the best shape of my life. I started with boot camp twice week, and in the first month I lost 5 pounds and several inches.


At Be Fit Boot Camp, Tony is able to keep the whole group motivated and yet is capable of remaining attentive to individual needs.


I have been able to go from a size 12/14 to a size 4/6 losing over 35 pounds.They also helped me train for the Spartan race.


The best part about it is that I feel more confident in myself.”

Rosa Says, “I LOVE Tony’s class, they are awesome!!!!!!


I have worked with Tony less than a year and his motivation compassion has helped me accomplish, what I thought, was impossible, fit into my wedding dress from 16 yrs ago. (lost more then 20lbs)


Its great to have that one on one support.