VIP Fitness is a local 24/7 facility. Our gym is fully staffed Monday – Friday from 530am – 830pm.

Because our focus is different than that of the impersonal larger scale “health club” or “Globo Gym”, the experience that you will have while training in our facility is more in line with that of a private / semi private training facility, as we are not designed for the masses.


The crowds are limited; the parking is virtually unlimited and within a few days you will know most of your fellow members and the staff on a first name basis.  For your convenience, we also feature shower and locker room amenities.

We, without a doubt put people first at VIP Fitness and we strive to accomplish this everyday.  We understand that making a decision to commit to working out is difficult and that picking the right place, for you is even harder.


At VIP Fitness, we strive to be the best part of our clients day, every day.

If you are looking for a friendly and supportive community atmosphere, you should consider getting started today by requesting a Success Session with one of our certified personal trainers.


Be Fit Not Skinny,


Tony Gomez – Head Coach

VIP Transformation Systems